We regularly have the pleasure of welcoming colleagues to the laboratory to present their work.



  • TIENNOT Mathilde, Post doctoral student, LRMH team -  Physico-mechanical behaviour of oil-based paints, and in particular the use of nanoindentation - 16th of June
  • BERRAUD-PACHE Romain, Lecturer, LAMS laboratory- The potential of theoretical chemistry for heritage sciences - 21st of March
  • GUERIAU Pierre, Research ingeneer, IPANEMA - Advanced analytical techniques applied to palaeontological collections: towards new anatomical, palaeobiological and taphonomic data, 1st of February


  • PERRUCHINI Elsa, Post-doctorant student, CRCC team, HisTochText ERc poject- Her seminar will be devoted to the "Potential of pyrolysis coupled with fully two-dimensional gas chromatography (Py-GCxGC/MS) for characterising manuscript inks from the Pelliot Koutchéen collection (present-day Xinjiang, China) held at the BnF - 29th of november.
  • DAHER Céline, Currently in charge of analyses for the CRoyAN interdisciplinary project at the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac - Thursday 27 May.
  • RIO Sandra, a post-doctoral student in the Colour and Visual Effects department of the CRCC team since April 2020, presents her work on coloured glass - 2nd April.
  • ALADINI Mathilde, technical assistant in the Reptiles and Amphibians collections at the Muséum d'Histoire naturelle and M2 trainee in the CRCC team in 2020, presents her work on the inventory of damage in fluid collections- 14th of January.


Published on: 24/07/2023 11:19 - Updated on: 24/07/2023 16:30