The Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections (CRCC) is organised around 8 groups

The research carried out at the CRCC is applied, and its primary aim is to provide the heritage community and those involved in conservation with new answers and tools to ensure the best possible preservation of cultural, scientific and technical heritage. Some of this work is financed by calls for tender, contracts, grants and endowments from the cultural or heritage institutions concerned. Nevertheless, in order to acquire new knowledge that will pave the way for identified applications, it is necessary to examine in greater depth the theoretical aspects of alteration mechanisms and to develop new analytical methodologies that are adapted to the specific nature and constraints of heritage objects, taking into account the imperatives of sustainable development.



A general presentation of the cluster can be accessed by clicking on the names of the groups and medium-weight instruments.


Biodeterioration & Environment

  • Malalanirina ROKOTONIRAINY, IR MC, Manager
  • Pierre TIGNOL, PhD student

Natural History collections

  • Sophie CERSOY, MC MNHN
  • Alice Gimat, MC MNHN
  • Véronique ROUCHON PR MNHN, Manager
  • Clément VUILLARD, PhD student

Colours and visual effects

  • Christine Andraud, PR MNHN
  • Emma GILLET, PhD student
  • Anne Michelin, MC MNHN, Manager
  • Luis Molina Carillo, PhD student
  • Violaine OSSALA, PhD student
  • Aurélie TOURNIÉ, IR CNRS

Leather and parchment

  • Laurianne ROBINET, IR MC, Manager
  • Sylvie THAO, AI CNRS
  • Giulia GALANTE, PhD student

Photographic objects

  • Marie-Angélique LANGUILLE, IR CNRS, Manager
  • Céline DAHER, IR MC

Separative methods applied to Cultural Heritage materials

  • Gauthier ROSE, PhD student
  • Michel SABLIER, DR CNRS, Manager
  • Ibrahima DIAOUNE, Apprentice

Paper and Cellulose

  • Anne-Laurence DUPONT, DR CNRS, Manager
  • Caroline VIBERT, PhD student
  • Sabrina PARIS, TCD CNRS - Prevention assistant
  • Cherif ADdouama, Post-doctoral fellow


  • Oulfa BELHADJ, IE CNRS - Radiation protection advisor
Mid-heavy instruments

X-ray fluorescence imaging spectrometer

  • Oulfa BELHADJ, IE CNRS - Radiation protection advisor

Hyperspectral Imager (VNIR and SWIR)

  • Christine Andraud, PR MNHN
  • Anne Michelin, MC MNHN, Manager
  • Aurélie TOURNIÉ, IR CNRS

Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS)

Multiphoton microscope (coming soon)

  • Laurianne Robinet, IR MC


Published on: 20/07/2023 15:47 - Updated on: 09/10/2023 15:28