The CRCC team submits a large number of projects, either on its own or as a partner, at local, regional and European level.

  • AORUM (ANR-22-CE27-0010-03, 2022-2027) - Interdisciplinary project on the analysis of GOLD and its Uses as a Pictorial Material in Europe, 16th - mid-17th century.


  • Biblissima+ Epuipex+ is a multipolar digital infrastructure for fundamental research and services devoted to the history of the transmission of ancient texts, from Antiquity to the Renaissance in both East and West, bringing together 15 research teams.


  • CaraColl - Characterisation and monitoring of physico-chemical changes in collagen during the deterioration of parchment, doctoral research (2021-2024) focusing on understanding NLO microscopy signals during the deterioration of parchment (Leather and Parchment center).


  • CLEARWING (ANR-16-CE02-0012, 2016-2022) Transparency: physical origin, adaptive functions and evolution in transparent butterflies.


  • COLLMI (2020-2021) - Collecting the microscopic: conserving mounting media. 
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