This scientific section handles assignments commissioned by the French Architecture and Heritage Department and from the Museums of France Directorate. The projects with which it is entrusted encompass furnishings (furniture, statuary) and wooden structures (roof frames and supports, and half-timbering). Because the scope of the missions is vast, the studies and research are generally carried out in partnership with other organizations (public laboratories or private research centers).


Assessment / Diagnosis
It is not always easy to determine in situ the cause of decay (water, fungi, insects), nor to evaluate the degradation process and consolidation requirements. Over and above its on-site assessments, the section conducts ongoing studies and research. Examples include:

• Research into an acoustic method of insect larvae detection for wood-boring larvae (in collaboration with the Musical Acoustics Laboratory).    

• A study on instrumentation and structure diagnosis (in collaboration with the Bordeaux Wood Rheology Laboratory).

Preservation / Restoration Solutions
In this area one of the major concerns has been that of responding to architects’ questions regarding resin reinforcement. Research has been able to provide a partial answer to the issues of durability and heat resistance (in collaboration with the Bordeaux Wood Rheology Laboratory).

Case studies

The team