Présentations de Mme Nina Jethwa et M. Hugh Phibbs au CRCC

Le CRCC accueillera deux conférenciers (de langue anglaise) autour du thème du développement durable et de la conservation.

Le jeudi 11 juin à 11h

"Conservation materials and sustainable development : the experience of the Ashram XX in Pondichery to introduce conservation quality papers" par Mme Nina Jethwa. This conference will raise the question of local economical development within the global context of ISO conservation material.

Le vendredi 12 juin à 15h

"Reconsiderations: enclosing to create a better preservation environment" par  M. Hugh Phibbs.
Museums, archives, and libraries tend to view preservation of works on paper as falling into matting (storage) and framing (display). Display includes exposure to light and movement of the work,  and thus, it was regarded as the less safe part of preservation. However, if one asks what represents the greatest threat to preservation of paper items, this picture may require a bit of reconsideration, since it can be argued that oxidation is the single greatest threat. The effects of oxidizing gases are enhanced by exposure to light, moisture, heat. While biological threats, like molds, insects, and some humans represent a danger to works on paper, they are not constantly present the way oxidizing gases are. The most salient examples of successful preservation of works on paper are found among examples which were kept in books or other highly enclosed settings. It is not possible to recommend keeping all of our collections in bound volumes, or in glass and metal packages, but the success that these examples illustrate can inspire greater use of enclosure packaging. If these packages include a glazing sheet, their contents can be viewed without disturbing their seal. Properly made, this package can defend against pests, pollution, poor handling, and to some extent poor climate. An ideal enclosure would comprise laminated glass, on the front and metal on the sides and back and a metal seal, but such an enclosure package is difficult and expensive to produce. What are the realistic and cost effective alternatives?
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