Simultaneous deacidification and strengthening of paper using aminoalkylalkoxysilanes

Project description

The main cause of decay of paper is its acid content, which in combination with time of exposure leads to mechanical failure. Deacidification is the term used for a chemical treatment in paper conservation, which involves the neutralisation of the acids in the paper and the deposition of an alkaline reserve to prevent, or at least delay, further acidification. At the mass scale, this treatment is used as a preventive measure by libraries and archives on collections that are at risk of acidifying in the mid-term. For the already very brittle documents however, these institutions may be hesitant to resort to mass deacidification as the process does not impart mechanical strengthening and is thus not cost-effective. A novel multifunctional process based on the use of amine functionalized polysiloxanes (aminoalkylalkoxysilanes, AAAS) is under development. Deacidification is ensured by the amine functions and strengthening is effected by the in-situ polymerisation of the AAAS in ambient conditions.


  • LAMBE UMR 8587- University of Evry, LGP2 UMR 5518-INP Pagora, Centre interrégional de conservation du livre CICL, LPPI-University of Cergy Pontoise

Funding sources

  • CNRS 'Materials' Program (2004-2007), French Culture council (program 2009-2011), Centre Interrégional de Conservation du Livre (2010)

Further reading

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