Metal is omnipresent in heritage items from every bygone age. Iron, cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, lead and zinc… all of these are commonplace components in architecture and monumental statuary. The most recurrent uses of metal in historical monuments are in railings, guardrails, canopies, sculptures, structural supports, bridges, roofs … It is often combined with other materials such as stone, wood, glass or textiles. Whether hidden within the masonry or visible, metal is subject to corrosion. Water is the main factor in corrosion, while pollution and lack of maintenance can exacerbate the problem.


Together with its network of partners – comprising specialists in corrosion and anti-corrosion, industrial suppliers of metal and treatment products, companies specialized in cleaning and restorers – this section undertakes cross-cutting research programs on various themes, including:

• knowledge and conservation of aluminum with regard to heritage,

• evaluation of the incidence of cleaning techniques on mercury-gilded cuprous metals,

• temporary treatment solutions for the protection of metal components in heritage property.

Case studies

The team