International Symposium "Preservation of Cultural Heritage in a Changing World". National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku), Osaka, Japan, October 7-8, 2017

The preservation of cultural heritage is guided and constrained not only by social and cultural factors, but also by environmental and technological factors. In the last thirty years our society has begun to face new challenges.
The overwhelming environmental issue is worldwide climate change, which necessitates the incorporation of sustainability in any preservation program. Among the technological challenges, the dramatic shift from analog to digital media continues to be a primary concern.
Papers will be given by European, Japanese, and North American speakers from the field of cultural heritage. Topics will include sustainable climate control; integrated pest management; preservation measures from a long-term perspective; and issues of access to images by scholars and the general public.
The symposium will provide a venue to present fundamental and practical research, and also offer a forum to explore how the new environmental and technological challenges may require innovative and novel approaches to the use and care of cultural heritage.
Time will be devoted to behind-the-scenes and special exhibition visits, as well as to experiencing a number of projects related to the use of images in the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan.