Eighth Global Colloquium of University Presidents on Cultural Heritage Preservation. Yale university, April 12-13, 2016

The Center for Research on Preservation (CRC) was invited together with the President of MNHN, to attend the 8th United Nations Global colloquium on the Preservation of Cultural heritage, hosted by Yale University. Twenty nations were represented.
The role of education and research for Cultural heritage preservation were discussed around the following themes:

  • "Sustainable Conservation of Cultural Heritage »
  • “The Role of Universities and our Cultural Heritage: education and training”
  • “Grand Challenges in Cultural Heritage Data and Information”
  •  "Cultural Diversity and Heritage Preservation »
  • “Culture in Crisis” 

Lavédrine Bertrand, director of the CRC, spoke on the sustainable conservation of Cultural heritage as well as the Grand challenges in cultural heritage data and information.
Priority actions and a White paper are currently being drafted.

The Global Colloquium of University Presidents is convened by the presidents of the six sponsoring institutions (Brown university, Columbia university, New York university, Princeton university, Yale university and the University of Pennsylvania) on behalf of and with the participation of UN Secretary-General.

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General and Mrs. Irena Bokova, Director General of Unesco were present.