CoMPresSil Conservation of newsprint paper using polysiloxanes. Study of interpenetrated networks for strengthening and deacidifying cultural heritage on paper - (2012-2016)

  • Student: Camille Piovesan
  • Ecole Doctorale: ED 417 - Ecole Doctorale Sciences et Ingénierie - Université of Cergy Pontoise
  • Scientific area(s) : Paper/cellulose

Subject and description

Newsprint papers in heritage institutions are in general of mediocre quality. The paper rapidly becomes acidic and fragile, which limits access to these collections. The chemical composition and conservation state of these papers are poorly characterised. These are nevertheless crucial pieces of information if an appropriate treatment could be applied for their long-term stabilisation. Current choices are limited as, besides simple deacidification, no single alternative of mass treatment allows the mechanical strengthening of the paper. The aim of the project CoMPresSil is to better characterise early newsprint pulps and to develop a stabilisation methodology allowing simultaneous deacidification and fibre strengthening in order to propose a novel preservation strategy for the paper documents that are currently banned from access. Interpenetrated polysiloxanes networks with alkaline functionalities to be incorporated in the paper are being developed and characterised physico-chemically.


  • LPPI University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • French National Library

Funding: LaBex PATRIMA