Characterization of chemical markers for discriminating ancient Asian papers by pyrolysis-bidimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry - (2015-2018)

Subject and description

There is real challenge in the field of East Asian paper-based heritage research, such as the limited amount of research carried out on ancient sources, the difficulties of interpretation of historical texts that contains the knowledge of manufacturing methods of these ancient papers. The history and evolution of handmade paper has been shaped by the structure and chemical composition of the fibers. However, in the domain of handmade papers studies, much has been derived from historical records, documentation and workshop investigation, little attention has been paid to the structure and chemical composition of paper.

The aim of this thesis, by the means of advanced analytical methods, is to develop key procedures to tackle the problem of defining micro-destructive methods of analysis for the characterization of ancient East Asian papers and to define their chrono-geographical areas of origin.